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Columbia County DUII and

Scappoose and St Helens Municipal Court Information


I just got arrested for an DUII charge in Columbia County.  What happens now?


For general information on Oregon DUI arrests please consult the main page of the Oregon DUII Guide and the DUII Diversion Guide


If you were arrested in Columbia County, Oregon you were either given a citation to appear in court or booked into the Columbia County Jail.  If you were booked into jail you most likely were given a release agreement directing you to appear in court at some date in the future.  If you were arrested for a felony DUII or other serious charge you may be held in custody at least through your first court appearance (and perhaps longer). 

You must attend your court appearance or a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.  In Scappoose Municipal Court, if you hire an Oregon DUI attorney before your initial court appearance (arraignment), you may be able to absent yourself from this proceeding.  Speak to an attorney for more information.

Where am I supposed to appear for court?


Read your paperwork.  Either your citation or your release agreement will tell you where to appear for your first court date.  Most Columbia County DUII arraignments are held at the Columbia County Circuit Court (230 Strand Street in St. Helens, Oregon). 


If you were arrested in the City of Scappoose, your first court appearance may be in Scappoose Municipal Court (33568 E. Columbia Avenue in Scappoose, Oregon).


If you were arrested for a DUII in the city limits of St Helens, you may be directed to appear in St Helens Municipal Court (277 Strand Street in St. Helens, Oregon).

Will all my court appearances be held in this building?

Yes.  All Columbia County Circuit Court cases are held in the Columbia County Courthouse.  All Scappoose and St Helens Municipal Court cases are held in their respective municipal courts.

Are there any sentencing options that are unique to Columbia County?

Sometimes.  Speak to a DUII attorney about what options may be available to you.


Keep in mind that DUII is a state crime.  While each court treats these charges in their own way, the DUII statutes and mandatory penalties such as license suspensions are the same statewide. 





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